Perks are used to add special abilities during online play and you are allowed to use up to three perks at one time.Each perk is separated into three main categories as listed below and you are only able to select one from each main category. Each perk also has an added benefit which is denoted below by the pro ability. Additional challenges need to be completed in order to utilize the pro abilities.

The pro abilities do not take away from the regular abilities and you do not need to choose between the two. They are just added benefits.


Perk Slot: 1

Task: Start
Ability: Unlimited sprint

Marathon Pro
Task: Run 26 miles with Marathon
Ability: Climb obstacles faster

Sleight of Hand
Task: Level 13
Ability: Faster reloading

Sleight of Hand Pro
Task: Get 120 kills with Sleight of Hand
Ability: Faster aiming down the sights

Task: Level 21
Ability: Two primary weapon attachments

Bling Pro
Task: Get 200 kills using a weapon with 2 attachments
Ability: Two secondary weapon attachments

One Man Army
Task: Level 45
Ability: Swap classes at any time - five seconds to switch

One Man Army Pro
Task: Get 120 kills using One Many Army
Ability: Swap classes faster

Perk Slot: 2

Stopping Power
Task: Start
Ability: Increased bullet damage against enemy players

Stopping Power Pro
Task: Get 250 kills using Stopping Power
Ability: Extra damage against enemy vehicles

Task: Start
Ability: Move faster

Lightweight Pro
Task: Sprint 30 miles using Lightweight
Ability: Quicker aim after sprinting

Task: Level 9
Ability: Kill Streaks require one less kill

Hardline Pro
Task: Get 40 killstreaks while using Hardline
Ability: Death Streaks require one less death

Task: Level 25
Ability: Undetectable by UAVs, air support, sentries and thermal

Cold-Blooded Pro
Task: Destroy 40 enemy killstreak rewards using Cold Blooded
Ability: No red crosshair or name when targeted

Danger Close
Task: Level 33
Ability: Increased explosive weapons damage

Danger Close Pro
Task: Get 100 kills with explosives while using Danger Close
Ability: Extra air support damage

Perk Slot: 3

Task: Start
Ability: Increased melee distance

Commando Pro
Task: Get 20 melee kills while using Commando
Ability: No fall damage

Steady Aim
Task: Start
Ability: Increased hip-fire accuracy

Steady Aim Pro
Task: Get 80 hipfire kills using Steady Aim
Ability: Longer hold-breath duration

Task: Level 17
Ability: Jams enemy radar near the player

Scrambler Pro
Task: Get 50 close range kills using Scrambler
Ability: Delay enemy claymore explosions

Task: Level 29
Ability: Invisible to Heartbeat Sensor

Ninja Pro
Task: Get 50 close range kills using Ninja
Ability: Footsteps are silent

Task: Level 37
Ability: Detect enemy explosives and Tactical Insertions

SitRep Pro
Task: Destroy 120 enemy devices using SitRep
Ability: Louder enemy footsteps

Last Stand
Task: Level 41
Ability: Fall to the ground and use a secondary weapon until bleeding out

Last Stand Pro
Task: Get 20 kills while in last stand
Ability: Allows use of equipment while in Last Stand




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