Emblems are awarded along with the titles that can be achieved by completing challenges. The list below should be complete and I have tried to list the challenges required next to them. Some of the challenges you may need to look up on the challenges page.


Starting EmblemReach level 16Reach level 34
Reach level 54Complete the Fly Swatter challenge - Shoot Down an Enemy HelicopterComplete the Stickman challenge - Stick a Semtex to the Enemy in a Game Winning Killcam
Complete the Base Jump challenge - Fall 15 Feet or More and SurviveComplete the Both Barrels challenge - Kill an Enemy with the Ranger by Firing Both Barrels at the Same TimeReach level 2
Reach level 19Reach level 37Reach level 58
Get a game winning kill with the stealth bomber.Complete the Vandalism challenge - Destroy a carComplete the Sponge: III challenge - Absorb 50,000 damage with the riot shield
Complete the Mach 5 challenge - Fire an Entire SMG Magazine into an Enemy without MissingReach level 4Reach level 22
Reach level 40Reach level 62Game winning killcam with a harrier
Complete the Hard Landing challenge - Kill an Enemy that is in Mid-Air 100% normal damage w/painkiller by explosive and liveComplete the Dictator challenge - Fire an Entire LMG Magazine into an Enemy without Missing
Reach level 7Reach level 25Reach level 43
Reach level 66Get a game winning killcam with a Precision AirstrikeComplete the Unbreakable III challenge - Deflect 100 Explosions with your Riot Shield
Complete the X-Ray Vision III challenge - Kill 15 Enemies through a Surface using Bullet PenetrationComplete the Crouch Shot III challenge - Kill 30 Enemies while CrouchingReach level 10
Reach level 28Reach level 46Reach level 70
Get a pavelow as a game winning killcam.complete the Afterburner challenge - Call in an Airsuike 2 Times in a Single MatchComplete The Surgical challenge - Fire an Entire Assault Rifle Magazine into Your Enemies without Missing
Complete the Prone Shot III challenge - Kill 30 Enemies while ProneReach level 13Reach level 31
Reach level 50Complete the Group Hug challenge - Kill Multiple Enemies with a Semtex Stuck to One of ThemComplete the Invincible challenge - Get 5 Health Regenerations from Enemy Damage in a Row. without Dying
Game winning kill with an AC130Complete the Fast Swap challenge - Hurt an Enemy with a Primary Weapon, then Finish Them off with a PistolComplete the Did you see that? challenge - Kill Someone with a Throwing Knife when Flashed or Stunned
Complete the Money Shot! challenge - Get a Payback in the Game Winning KillcamComplete the It's Personal! challenge - Hurt an Enemy, then Finish Them with a Throwing KnifeComplete Solid Steel III challenge - 50 explosions survived while using Blast Shield - Survive 50 Explosions while Using Blast Shield
Get the Game Winning Kill with an Attack HelicopterComplete the Bomb Prevention II challenge - Kill 10 Enemies while They are Defusing/Planting a BombComplete the Flawless challenge - survive an entire game - Play an Entire Full-Length Match without Dying
Complete the Back-Smasher challenge. Crush an enemy from behind with the riot shield - Crush an Enemy from BehindComplete the Riot Shield Veteran III challengeComplete the Hi Def challenge - Get a Game Winning Kiflcam with a Chower Gunner
Complete Hot Potato II challenge - Kill 10 Enemies with Thrown-Back Grenades Complete the C4 Shot III challenge - Get 30 kills with C4 - Kill 30 Enemies by Using C4Pending
Complete the Defuser II challengeComplete the Bomb Down challenge - kill a bomb carrier - Kill a Bomb Carrier in Sabotage or Search & DestroyComplete the Good Bye challenge - Fall 30 Feet or More to Your Death
Complete the All Pro challenge - Headshot 2+ Enemies with I BulletComplete the Perfectionist challenge - Fire an Entire Sniper Magazine into an Enemy without MissingComplete the Sidekick challenge - Kill 3 enemies with secondary weapon in 1 life - Not Confirmed
Complete the Claymore Shot III Challenge - Kill 2 or More Enemies with a Single Claymore, 50 TimesPendingComplete Bomb Defender III - Kill 10 enemies defusing bombs - Not Confirmed
Complete the MVP Team Hardcore challenge - Win a Team Hardcore Match with the Top ScoreComplete the Return to Sender challenge - Kill 1 Enemy by Shooting Their Own Explosive Complete the Car Bomb challenge - Kill ten enemies by destroying cars - Kill Target No. Enemies by Destroying Cars
Complete the Backdraft III challenge - Destroy 50 Enemy ExplosivesComplete the Grenade Kill III challenge - Get 50 kills with frag grenades - Kill 50. Enemies with GrenadesComplete the Carnie III challenge - Kill 30 Players with a Throwing Knife
Complete MVP Team Deathmatch challenge - Play Team Deathmatch Match and Get the Top Score OverallComplete the Saboteur II challenge - Plant 10 bombs - Plant 10 BombsComplete the Assault Expert: III challenge - Kill 50 Enemies with a Headshot while Using an Assault Rifle
Complete the Smasher challenge - Get a 3-Shield-Kill Streak with the Riot Shield without DyingComplete the Ouch challenge - Kill an Enemy with a Rifle-Mounted Grenade launcher without Detonation (Direct Impact) Complete the Drone Killer challenge - Get a Predator Missile Kill in the Game Winning Killcam
Complete the Plastered III challenge - 30 sticks with semtex - Stick 30 Players with a Semte. GrenadeComplete the Darkbringer challenge - Prevent Target No. Tactical InsertionsComplete Ghillie in the Mist III challenge - Get 200 One-Shot Kills with Sniper Rifles
Complete the Last Man Standing challenge - Be the last man standing in S&D - Be the Last Man Standing in Search & DestroyComplete the LMG Expert III challenge - 50 headshots with a LMG - Kill 50 Enemies with a Headshot while Using an LMGGame winning kill with riot shield
Complete the Stun Veteran IV challenge - Kill 300 enemies still dazed by a stun grenade - Not ConfirmedWinning game kill with a Sentry Gun.Complete the Jack in the Box III challenge - Kill an Enemy within 5 Seconds of Tactically Inserting, 50 Times
Get 3 LongShot Kills in One LifeComplete Tactical Deletion challenge - Kill Target No. Players that SlXIwn Using TaclicallnsenionComplete the Slow but Sure challenge - Kill 1 Enemy while Being Stunned by a Stun Grenade
Complete the SMG Expert III challenge - 50 Headshots with SMG Winning game kill with a throwing knife.Complete the Streaker challenge - Get 10 kills in a row without dying - Not Confirmed
Unlocked at Rank 41, after completing Rival challenge - Kill the Same Enemy 5 Times in a Single Match Complete backstabber challenge - Stab an enemy in the back with your knife - Not ConfirmedComplete Time is Money II challenge - Get 25 payback kills with Semtex
PendingComplete Last Stand Veteran IV challenge - Kill 100 enemies while using the Last Stand perkComplete the Airborne challenge - Get a 2 kill streak with bullets while in midair
Complete the Sabotage Victor III challenge - Win 50 sabotage matchesComplete the Air Superiority challenge - Call in a Helicopter 2 Times in a Single MatchComplete Tango Down challenge - Kill Every Member of the Enemy Team (4 Enemy Minimum)
Complete Color of Money II challenge - Get Payback 25 Times with HeadshotsAwarded with Star Player challenge, have a KDR of 5:1 or moreComplete the Sunblock challenge - Call in 3 Counter-UAVs in a single match
Complete the Enemy of the State challenge - Kill 3 Enemies while You are the Only Surviving Member of Your TeamComplete the Omnicide challenge - Kill the entire enemy team within 10 secondsComplete the Free-For-All Victor III challenge - place first, second or third; 10 times
Complete Robin Hood II Challenge - Get Payback 25 Times while in Last StandComplete Wargasm Challenge - Get All 3 of Your Killstreak Rewards within 20 SecondsAwarded with Blindfire challenge - Kill an Enemy while You Are Still Dazed by a Flashbar'lg
Complete the I'm Rich Challenge - Get Payback 25 Times with C4Complete the The Bigger they are... Kill the Top Player 3 Times in a RowComplete the Slasher challenge - 3 killstreak with knife
Complete The Survivor challenge - Get a knife kill when all your ammo is emptyAwarded for winning 15 Hardcore Team Deathmatch gamesComplete Radar Inbound III challenge - Call in 1000 UAVs/Counter-UAVs
Complete the Counter MVP challenge - Kill the #1 Player on the Enemy Team 10 Times in a Single Match Complete the Collateral Damage challenge - Kill 2 or More Enemies with a Single Sniper Rifle BulletGet a Payback by sticking a Semtex on an enemy
Complete the ...The Harder They Fall challenge - Kill the Top Player 5 Times in a RowRewarded alongside Click Click Boom challenge - Kill an enemy with C4 while you are in Last StandComplete the Bang for Your Buck III challenge - 25 paybacks using a frag grenade
Win 30 Search and Destroy games10 killstreak with no killstreaks equippedAwarded alongside Knife Veteran IV after prestiging
CompleteDropin Crates Challenge - Get a Game Winning Killcam by Dropping a Crate Oil the EnemyCall in 1000 total of Care Packages/Sentry Guns/Emergency AirdropsThe Brink challenge - Get a 3 or More Kill Streak while Near Death (Screen flashing Red)
PendingComplete The Denier challenge - Kill an Enemy Before They Earn a 10 or Higher Killstreak RewardAwarded when winning 30 Team Deathmatch matches
Awarded alongside Dishes are Done title - Get an assisted suicide killComplete Extreme Cruelty Challenge - Kill Every Member of the Enemy Team (at least 4 Enemies) without Dying Complete Last Resort Challenge - Get a Last Stand or Final Stand Kill in a Game Winning Killcam
Twenty game-winning kills (Challenge)Awarded with The Grim Reaper - Kill 5 Enemies with a Single Predator MissileAwarded with ATM challenge; Throwing Knife payback
Complete the Crab Meat challenge - Kill 10 enemies with a single killstreakComplete Misery Loves Company challenge - Kill Yourself and 1 Enemy by Cooking a Grenade without Throwing it Complete the Counter C4 III challenge - Kill 20 enemies by shooting C4
Complete the Counter Claymore III challenge - Kill 20 enemies by shooting a claymorePendingComplete the Multi Frag III challenge - Kill 2 or More Enemies with a Single Frag Grenade 50 Times
Complete The Resourceful challenge. Awarded with Friends with Benefits - Kill an Enemy by Sticking Semtex to a TeammateOnce painkiller is active, survive enough to kill you normally as you kill another playerComplete the Carpet Bomber IV challenge - Kill 5 Enemies with a Single Airstrike
Complete Spectre IV - 1000 kills with AC130 Reach 5th prestigeComplete the Carpet Bomb challenge. - Kill 5 Enemies with a Single Airstrike
PendingComplete Multi-RPG III Challenge - Kill 2 or More Enemies with a Single AT4-H5 or RPG Shot, 50 TimesComplete the MG Master challenge - 5 killstreak using mounted machine gun
Get a kill with MartyrdomComplete You're Fired IV - 1000 kills with a HarrierComplete all prestige challenges at 10th prestige
Reach 6th prestigeChallenge: Ultimate Sacrifice Call in a nuke while your team is losing. - Nuke the Enemy while YOur Team is LosingComplete either return to sender or domino effect challenges - Kill 1 Enemy by Shooting Their Own Explosive
Complete Multi C4 III challenge - Kill 2 or More Enemies with a Single C4 Pack. 50 TimesAwarded alongside Survivalist Challenge - Survive 5 consecutive minutesGet back on your feet whilst in final stand or kills in final stand
Complete Chopper Veteran IV - Call in 50. Chopper GunnersReach 1st prestigeReach 7th prestige
Complete the Bullet Proof III challenge - Deflect 50,000 Bullets with your Riot ShieldComplete the Stealth IV challenge - Kill 1000 enemies while using a silenced weaponComplete Think Fast Stun challenge - Finish an Enemy off by Hitting Them with a Stun Grenade (Direct Impact)
Complete Cruelty Challenge - Kill an Enemy, Pick Up His Weapon. then Kill Him Again with His Own Weapon Challenge: Head's Up - Kill an enemy by dropping a care package on them. Challenge is only unlocked when you've prestiged.Complete Jolly Green Giant IV - Get 50 kills with a Pave Low
Reach 2nd prestigeReach 8th prestigeComplete the No Secrets challenge - Call in 3 UAVs in a single match
Complete Think Fast challenge - Finish an Enemy off by Hitting Them with a Frag Grenade (Direct Impact) Complete Master Chef III challenge - Kill 20 Enemies With Cooked GrenadesAwarded alongside How The? title - Kill an Enemy by USing Bullet Penetration to Shoot an Explosive Device through a Wall
Complete the Look! No Hands IV challenge - Get 1000 kills with a Sentry GunComplete the Spirit IV - Get 1000 kills with a Stealth BomberReach 3rd prestige
Reach 9th prestigeRed Carpet challenge - Kill 6 enemies with a stealth bomberPending
Complete Think Fast Flash challenge - Finish an Enemy off by Hitting Them with a Flashbang (Direct Impact) Copy someones class, then get a payback on that personComplete Predator IV - Call in 50 Predator Missiles
Complete the Cobra Commander IV challenge - Get 1000 kills as a Chopper GunnerReach 4th prestigeReach 10th prestige
Launch 25 AC-130'sCall in 50 AirstrikesCall in 25 Chopper Gunners
Complete Danger Close Pro: VI challenge - Get 250 Kills with Explosives while Using Danger Close Complete One Man Army Pro: VI challenge - Get 300 Kills Using One Man Army Complete Ninja Pro: VI challenge - Get 125 Close-Range Kills Using Ninja
Complete M4A1 Veteran IIComplete Vector Veteran IICall in 50 UAVs
Call in 50 HarriersCall in 10Complete Bling Pro: VI challenge - Get 450 Kills Using a Weapon with 2 Attachments
Complete Commando Pro: VI challenge - Get 50 Melee Kills Using Commander Complete AK-47 Veteran IIComplete SCAR-H Veteran II
Complete UMP45 Veteran IICall in 50 AirdropsComplete Attack Chopper III
Complete End Game III - Call in 10 - Call in 10 NukesComplete Stopping Power Pro: VI challenge - Get 500 Stopping Power Kills Complete Steady Aim Pro: VI challenge - Get 200 Hipfire Kills Using Steady Aim
Complete ACR Veteran IIComplete FAL Veteran IIComplete P90 Veteran II
Call in 50 counter UAV'sCall in 25 Emergency AirdropsComplete Marathon Pro: VI challenge -
Complete Lightweight: VI challenge - Complete Scrambler: VI challenge - Complete M16A4 Veteran II
Complete FAMAS Veteran IIComplete AUG-HBAR Veteran IICall in 50 Sentry Guns.
Call in 25 Pave LowsComplete Sleight of Hand Pro: VI challenge - Complete Hardline Pro: VI challenge - Get 100 Killstreaks while Using Hardline
Complete SitRep Pro: VI challenge - Destroy 300 Enemy Devices while Using SitRep Complete TAR-21 Veteran IIComplete MP5K veteran II
Complete M240 Veteran IICall in 50 Predator MissilesCall in 25 Stealth Bombers
Complete Scavenger Pro: VI Challenge - Resupply 250 Times while Using Scavenger Complete Cold-Blooded Pro: VI Challenge - Destroy 100 Enemy Killstreak Rewards Using Cold-Blooded Complete Last Stand Pro: VI Challenge - Get 50 last Stand Kills
Complete F2000 Veteran IIComplete Mini-Uzi Veteran IIComplete L86 LSW II
Complete RPD Veteran IIComplete G18 Veteran IIComplete Desert Eagle Veteran II
Complete Model 1887 Veteran IIComplete FN2000 Master IIComplete Mini-Uzi Master II
Complete L86 LSW Master IIComplete WA2000 Master IIComplete MG4 Veteran II
Complete Raffica Veteran IIComplete .44 Magnum Veteran IIComplete Ranger Veteran II
Complete M4A1 Carbine Master IIComplete Vector Master IIComplete RPD Master II
Complete G18 Master IIComplete Intervention Veteran IIComplete TMP Veteran II
Complete M1014 Veteran IIComplete AK-47 Master IIComplete SCAR-H Master II
Complete UMP .45 Master IIComplete MG4 Master IIComplete TMP Master II
Complete Barret .50 Veteran IIComplete PP2000 Veteran IIComplete Striker Veteran II
Complete ACR Master IIComplete FAL Master IIComplete P90 Master II
Complete Intervention Master IIComplete M93 Raffica Master IIComplete M21 EBR Veteran II
Complete M9 Veteran IIComplete AA-12 Veteran IIComplete M16A4 Master II
Complete FAMAS Master IIComplete AUG-HBAR Master IIComplete Barrett .50cal Master II
Complete PP2000 Master IIComplete WA 2000 Veteran IIComplete USP .45 Veteran II
Complete SPAS-12 Veteran IIComplete TAR-21 Master IIComplete MP5K Master II
Complete M240 Master IIComplete M21 EBR Master IIComplete M1014 Master II
Complete Striker Master IIComplete USP .45 Master IIComplete AA-12 Master II


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