News - 1st of March 2010

Stimulus Pack out March 2010!

The first Modern Warfare 2 map pack or map pack 1, was released in March for 1200 MS points ($14.99USD). The name for the map pack is Stimulus and gives you five more multiplayer maps with two of them from the old COD4 game.


Bailout is a suburban environment with many housing units, hallways, balconies and a pool for cover spots. One main road heads straight up the middle. Nice map for objective based gameplay and has many nice cover spots for snipers.

Bailout - MW2 Stimulus Map Pack 1


Salvage is in a snow-setting environment based in a junk yard full of compacted vehicles and stone sewer pipes. There are a few spots in this map good for snipers at a house and large garage set at opposite ends, but most of the map has some cover from those spots. Much of the map is open so an air assault could be devastating.

Salvage - MW2 Stimulus Map Pack 1


Storm is set in an uninhabited industrial yard. Plenty of sniper spots here and another good map for objective based gameplay. Storm, as the name suggests, has visual lighting effects throughout gameplay. Warehouses, shipping containers, open paved areas, and elevated walkways leave many vantage points.

Storm - MW2 Stimulus Map Pack 1


Crash and Overgrown are the two maps for Call of Duty 4. If you are not familiar with them, Crash is set in a war torn urban desert environment. A crashed helicopter is towards the center of the map with many surrounding buildings good for just about any type of game play. Overgrown is another good map for snipers and has many cover spots. Another good map for any type of gameplay and is set in a rural village with a dry riverbed up the middle. If you have played the maps on Call of Duty 4, then they will probably be déjà vu, but they are still some decent maps.

Crash - MW2 Stimulus Map Pack 1

Overgrown - MW2 Stimulus Map Pack 1


You can only play the Stimulus Package as part of two playlists; Stimulus and Hardcore Stimulus. Therefore, you are stuck playing those playlists until these maps are integrated in with the rest. Some will complain about the price for the new maps and with good reason, but if you are looking for a little more variety in your gameplay, then you probably have already downloaded the Stimulus Package.


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