News - 10th of May 2010

Resuregence Pack out June 3rd 2010!

The second Modern Warfare 2 map pack or map pack 2, is to be released June 3rd 2010 and will be 1200 MS points ($14.99USD). The first map pack for MW2, called the Stimulus package, gave us five more multiplayer maps with two of them from the old COD4 game. This new map pack is called the Resurgence pack and again will give us another five multiplayer maps. Just like in Stimulus, two of the maps are from the old COD4. Screenshots for the Resurgence pack are below.


Carnival is a desolate amusement park set in the daytime with all the items that you would expect to be in an amusement park, like a roller coaster, house of the future, giant clown head, etc. There is a fun house in the center, which is the main vantage point on this map.

Carnival - MW2 Resurgence Map Pack 2


Trailer Park is an American trailer park with very-tight corridors between the various mobile homes. It is essentially a maze with many shortcuts through the mobile homes. This is set near the campaign level "Boneyard" and will have many choke points.

Trailer Park - MW2 Resurgence Map Pack 2


Fuel is a wide-open map for you snipers out there. Fuel is a "big map" and is based at an oil refinery with two sections. An oil pump area and an outpost area with offices in an old warehouse. Most objectives here will be placed within the buildings and snipers can cover from outside.

Fuel - MW2 Resurgence Map Pack 2


Vacant and Strike are the two maps from Call of Duty 4. There will be some small adjustments made to the maps as well as added detail. No need to explain here, you remember these right?

Vacant top image, Strike bottom image.

Vacant - MW2 Resurgence Map Pack 2

Strike - MW2 Resurgence Map Pack 2


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