Accolades are other challenges that can be achieved during online matches. There are no titles, emblems, or points associated with these achievments though. They are part of a new award system introduced with Modern Warfare2.


Unstoppable:  Longest killstreak
Devastation:  Highest multikill
MVP:  Most kills/Fewest deaths
The Show:  10 kills/No deaths
Immortal:  Highest kill/death ratio
Top Gun:  Most airstrikes
Sharpshooter:  Most headshots
Clutch Player:  Match Winning Kill
Overkill:  Most kills/Most headshots
Supernatural:  Kill/Death ratio over 10
Juggernaut:  Fewest deaths
Air Ops:  Most helicopters
Wingman:  Most assists
The Feared:  Most kills
Steamroller:  Most kills/Longest killstreak
Decimator:  Killed entire enemy team without dying
Pathfinder:  Most UAVs
Flanker:  Most kills from behind
Blindfire:  Most bullet penetration kills
Rescuer:  Most rescues
Revenge:  Most last stand kills
Rally:  Most comebacks
Lights Out:  Most tactical insertions prevented
Blinder:  Most flashbang hits
Vengeful:  Most paybacks
Marksman:  Most longshots
Executioner:  Most execution kills
Lifer:  Longest life
Shell Shocked:  Most explosions survived
Stunner:  Most stun grenade kills
Avenger:  Most avenger kills
Upriser:  Most kills of higher rank
Genocidal:  Most multikills
Statuesque:  Most stationary kills
Unbreakable:  Most bullets deflected
Hot Potato:  Most grenades thrown back
Marksman:  Most longshots
Sniper:  Most stationary kills
Unbreakable:  Most bullets deflected
Switchblade:  Most knife kills
Fragger:  Most frag grenade kills
Grenadier:  Most grenade kills
Semtex Pro:  Most semtex kills
CQB:  Most SMG kills
Buckshot:  Most shotgun kills
Smoking Gun:  Most pistol headshots
Boomstick:  Most shotgun headshots
Survivalist:  Most equipment kills
Exterminator:  Most thumper kills
Sprayer:  Most hipfire kills
Nomad:  Longest distance traveled
Loaner:  Most kills with enemy weapons
Sneaker:  Most time spent crouched
Grassy Knoll:  Most time spent prone
Weapon Rack:  Most weapon swaps
High Command:  Highest average altitude
Grudge Match:  Most kills of same player
Evolver:  Most classes changed
Accident prone:  Most suicides
Terminal:  Shortest life
AFK:  No kills/No deaths
Bomb Expert:  Most bombs planted
Bomb blocker:  Most bomb carrier kills
Dominator:  Most points captured
Flag Capturer:  Most flags captured
Flag Returner:  Most flags returned
Double Threat:  Most kills as flag carrier
Flanker:  Most kills from behind
None Spared:  Killed entire enemy team
AR Specialist:  Most assault rifle kills
Lockdown:  Most time spent in one place
Defuser:  Most bombs defused
Stunner:  Most stun grenade hits
Lock and Load:  Most reloads
Pathfinder:  Most UAV's
Undercover:  Most time spent near enemies
Low Profile:  Lowest average altitude


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